ZR-1 VIN Numbers

Removable Roof Panel (Plastic) Vin Identification

A VIN identification is stamped on the left front or right of the roof panel frame. The numbers are similar to the VIN plate (figure 3):

1 = Chevrolet division (VIN #3)
P = 1993 model year (VIN #10)5 = Bowling Green manufacture (VIN #11)

Engine Identification

  • The engine is stamped with a partial vehicle identification number (figures 4 or 5). The stamping contains nine positions:
  • Position one is the GM division identifier: 1 = Chevrolet
  • Position two is the model year: P = 1993
  • Position three is the Corvette assembly plant code: 5 = Bowling Green, KY
  • Positions four though nine represent the assembly plant sequential number for the vehicle.

The number's on the left lower block are as follows: 10ZVC X2 1117 0002.
The 10ZVC is a mercury marine tracking # for a 93 405hp engine.
The X2 is the build year.
The 1117 is the month and day of the build.
The 0002 is the 2'nd build of the day.
So in the end you have a 93 engine built on November 17'th of 1992.
It was the second engine of the day and was stamped ZVC for a 405HP

Transmission Identification

The identification label for the ZF S6-40 6-speed manual transmission (figure 6) is located on the left side of the transmission case. Refer to Figure 7 to identify the model year and serial number for the 4L60 automatic transmission.

Located on the driver side wheel well. There is a plastic wheel well panel you have to remove just in front of the battery. This VIN is stamped on the frame.



On the passenger side rear of the engine block. This is visible from looking under the car. The metal pin is the transmission alignment dowel pin.



On the transmission there is a VIN # located to the bottom left. The VIN is barely visible in the pic #j5800765 .





Shows close up of transmission VIN.

Build Sheet:

Picture shows the build sheet. This is wedged  between the gas tank and the floor of the rear hatch. It is glued and will come out when you try to remove them. There is another build sheet located in the front frame rails.

Also check for VIN # in the normal places, upper dash and on the drivers door jamb as well as the console lid label where all of the options are listed. Dates are also stamped on all radiator, vacuum and a/c lines. There are also dates cast on most aluminum pieces. ie: alternator, water pump, plenum, heads etc.

GM NEVER re-stamps an engine except for one reason which we will mention below. First, let's discuss the stamping process:

VIN numbers are put into a handle, then stamped on the right rear of the engine, where there is an upright portion. This stamping was done at the third station on the transmission line when the trans was attached to the LT5. Both the trans and the engine were stamped with the same stamp. As this was done manually, there is a chance that a mistake could be made. Sometimes the stamp wasn't changed after a previous stamp was made, maybe the L98 engine stamp was used mistakenly on a LT5. After all, they were both coming down the same line, a ZR-1 no closer than one every three units (there had to be 2 vehicles between each ZR-1 for assembly time purposes).

After the stamping process, the next station performed a quality control inspection, verifying the VIN stamped matched the build sheet. If a problem is discovered, there were alternate locations for a re-stamp. After the wrong VIN was XXXX'd out, the correct stamp was made on the opposite side of the engine, near the same place. Same with the trans.

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