How to Join The ZR-1 Net Registry

"Keeping the Legend Alive" - The ZR-1 Net Registry facilitates enthusiasts to meet, socialize, learn, enjoy and preserve the heritage of the ZR-1 amongst the automotive community.

Membership in the ZR-1 Net Registry supports efforts to "Keep the Legend Alive" through the Internet forum; membership events; and our quarterly newsletter, "The Heart of the Beast."  These mediums act as a support mechanism to help ZR-1 owners should they encounter any problems with their ZR-1's or have any questions.  Membership in the ZR-1 Net Registry enables ZR-1 enthusiasts from all over the world to share facts and information, seek technical help, and collaborate about this truly World Class automobile; the most iconic Corvette GM has ever built.  Also, as a prospective ZR-1 owner, the Registry offers help with any question and/or concern you may have about purchasing one of these special Corvettes.  We can help make your big decision a little easier by providing details about the different years and options to help in selecting just the right ZR-1.  The ZR-1 Net Registry will also be present at numerous Corvette shows and several race track events including the annual ZR-1 Gathering at the National Corvette Museum, now approaching its 16th anniversary.

Benefits of joining the ZR-1 Net Registry include:

  • Access to members only sections of the website and forums
  • Special member pricing on apparel and other items in the online store
  • Electronic Quarterly Newsletter - The Heart of the Beast
  • Registry T-Shirt
  • Membership Badge and Lanyard
  • ZR-1 Net Registry Window Decal
  • ZR-1 Net Registry Forum
  • ZR-1 Net Registry Archives
  • Access to the ZR-1 Member Registry

You can join or renew online through the store or by downloading and printing the new membership and renewal form:

Membership Form

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