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Registration is now open for the "Gathering Week" of events. Beginning with Mountain Run 8, May 1 - 4, and continuing on to the Gathering in Bowling Green Kentucky.  To Register, log into the website, Enter the "Registry Store", then select "Event Registration".  As the event is free to all ZR-1 Net Registry members, please select PayPal upon checkout.  You will receive an eamil receipt confirming your attendance at the event.  All parrticipants must be registered in advance to attend.  Registration for an afternoon of touring laps at the NCM Motorsports Park is available for purchase when signing up for the event.  Additional information will be provided upon your registration, including hotel discount codes.

The ZR-1 Net Registry Website is in process of being updated.  Problem areas of the website are actively being worked on and we look to have all areas of the website addressed shortly.

Financial Statements for 2021 have been uploaded to the members only area.

If you have not already viewed Jason Cammisa's "The ZR-1 was too expensive to succeed — but too good to ignore", we recommend taking a look.

Member Only Merchandise Clearance Specials posted in the store.

Issue #57 of the Heart of the Beast has been released, and can be downloaded in the "Member's Only" Area.

4th Quarter 2020 Financial Statements are now available for download in the "Member's Only" Area.

Stuck at home with waiting to go for a ride in a ZR-1? Let's take a ride with Johnathan Pfeffer as he races the Morrison Racing ZR-1 Snake Skinner around Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hang on, as we might go a little fast!
Interested in vintage racing a C4 Corvette / ZR-1? Contact me.

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The ZR-1 Net Registry is a non-profit club with over 780 members in 19 different countries. Our mission is to 'Keep the Legend Alive' and we do this by connecting members, conducting ZR-1 events and facilitating support for the ZR-1.  Additionally, we host the Registry of all ZR-1s made, and produce a quarterly publication appropriately named the "Heart of the Beast".  We encourage you to join as there's so much more information available to members. More...


This Issue of the Heart of the Beast:

A Legend Returns to Texas

Converting the ZR-1 to a Single Fuel Pump

It's Time for a Brake

Basic Diagnostics - You Can Do It

2020 Events Update

New Member Listing

and more!

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Haibeck Automotive Technology

Jerry's Gaskets

Doug Rippie Motorsports


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Parts are available

   While there are a few parts that are a little hard to find, this is really not surprising with a car this age. It's commonality with the base C4 helps and specialist LT5 parts are generally available in either new or reproduction stock. The Registry community can help you find the best sources for parts from among these dedicated suppliers.

Jerry's Gaskets

ZR-1 Specialist

They will impress you

With performance numbers like:

0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds

180+ mph

The ZR-1 is far from being slow. In fact it's as close as you can probably get to a 'sleeper' 'vette. With modifications it can easily be taken to above 500 horsepower and similar levels of torque.

LT5 Durability

All LT5 engines were subject to a 'torture test' of 200 hours, varying from running at peak torque to peak horsepower. In the 1990 record breaking runs a stock ZR-1 ran 24 hours continuous at an average speed of over 174 m.p.h. The registry maintains a special 100,000 mile list of cars that have reached this milestone with no major maintenance work and several cars have gone as high as 200,000 miles!

LT5 Mechanics

The majority of the ZR-1 is identical to the base model C4s. The unique quality  of the car lies in the LT5 engine. Many people successfully work on their own vehicles with the help and information provided by the Registry.


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