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1989 GM Pilot LT5 engine, Serial Number 1KE100028, has flywheel, alternator, A/C compressor. Damaged plenum, timing cover and oil pan. $3900 Used 1993-95 ZR1 OEM Exhaust. $300 New oil filters PF970C, p/n 25014155. Qty 8. $20 each NOS 1990 ZR1 left rear wheel p/n 10147988. Qty 1. $500 each New Delco LT5 plug wires with LT5 markings, p/n 12073977. $350 NOS starter p/n 10455704. $275 NOS pilot bushings p/n 10125896. Qty 5. $3 each NOS water pump p/n 10159599. $375 NOS wheel cap stems p/n 9591607. Qty 8. $3 each NOS wheel lug nut cap p/n 12337914. 10 caps per bag. Qty 2 bags. $25 per bag. Used EPROM p/n 16163905, AUAH. $200 New IP wiring harness p/n ????1430. Qty 2. $900 each New body rear wiring harness p/n 12067493. $375 ZR1 Training Manuals and VHS tapes - new. $125  
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