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Man Machine Interface, Inc. Announces Its New Z-Gs (Grand Sport) C4/ZR-1 And C5 Corvette High Performance
Brake Rotor And Rotor Upgrade Service

Our Z-GS brake rotor and brake rotor upgrade service produces one of the most technologically advanced brake rotors available at from 20% to 30% less cost than the competition.

Our high performance Z-GS brake rotor provides the following major benefits:

  • Better stopping power.
  • Improved cooling.
  • Reduced warping and cracking.
  • Superior gas elimination.
  • Enhanced appearance.

Level I Z-GS Upgrade Service Upgrade Your Current Rotor Set.

You send us your current rotors and we perform the following operations on them:
  1. First the rotors are glass beaded.
  2. Then the rotors are turned.
  3. Next the rotors are precision CNC machined with our proprietary dimple and reverse slot pattern. This special pattern eliminates gas pockets and lowers the potential for "carbon smearing" or "transfer" from the pad material to the trailing side of the slots in the rotor.
  4. Finally the rotors are gold zinc dichromate plated.

Cost (set of 4) for both C4/ZR-1 (88-96 heavy duty brakes only) and C5: $365.00 plus shipping.

Level II Z-GS Upgrade Service - Complete New Upgraded Rotor Set.

We perform all of the operations under Level I, except turning, but instead of using your current rotor set we use new GM rotors.

Cost (set of 4) C4/ZR-1 (88-96 heavy duty brakes only): $690.00 plus shipping.

Cost (set of 4) C5: $625.00 plus shipping.
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