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The ZR-1 Net Registry announces its 2019 theme as "The Legend Lives", honoring those who actively bring out their ZR-1s and "Keep the Legend Alive" through participation in shows, races, NCRS events, including driving their ZR-1 daily.  We are looking for additional members of the 100,000 mile to highlight at this year's ZR-1 Gathering at the National Corvette Museum.  If you are not already listed on the 100,000 mile club listing, please email John Glyder at   

This year, the ZR-1 Net Registry is expanding  events - We'll start out in Texas, then California, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Connecticut, Colorado, Nevada, and conclude in Pennsylvania.  We are always looking for additional venues to get together.  Please contact our Events Chair, Bob Lambe at if you are interested in coordinating a ZR-1 Net Registry event!  It's Fun!

Interested in assisting with ZR-1 Net Registry operations?  We're always looking for members who can contribute time and talent.  Please email Mark Horner at and let us know.

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The ZR-1 Net Registry is a non-profit club with over 600 members in 14 different countries. Our mission is to 'Keep the Legend Alive' and we connect members, conduct ZR-1 events and facilitate support for our members' ZR-1s.  Additionally, we host the Registry of all ZR-1s made, and produce a quarterly publication appropriately named the "Heart of the Beast".  We encourage you to join as there's so much more information available to members. More...

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