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Headers & hi flow cats wanted

Monday, August 31, 2015

---Quote (Originally by spork2367)--- Why the change? I may be interested if the OP isn't. ---End Quote--- ---Quote (Originally by Johnny5)--- wish I knew you wanted to sell Corsa, im waiting for mine to be made now :( PM me your number if you wanna sell it i may be able to cancel it....

Who has/uses a radar detector

Monday, August 31, 2015

---Quote (Originally by cvette98pacecar)--- The first time you get caught speeding your legal fees are going to be more than the cost of the V1. Especially if Al or Dom are in your caravan. ---End Quote--- Then I guess I will be the last car.. I have a GPS and maps so I can find where I am...

Instrument Panel Repair

Monday, August 31, 2015

---Quote (Originally by nelson007)--- Hello John, I assume he had to remove the instrument panel, if so did he also have to remove the dash pad? I had remove my pad in order to put thoes two nuts in the rear of the instrument panel. Thanks, Nelson ---End Quote--- Hi Nelson,

Brake Recommendations Please

Monday, August 31, 2015

I just reached the end of my Carbotech AX6 pads, time for a freshening. With all the concern about caliper flex I was pretty surprised to run through a full set of pads and see very little pad taper. I suppose I will have to measure. But I know my rotors are a problem both from being really...

Wanted: 93' to 95' ZR-1

Monday, August 31, 2015

---Quote (Originally by mike100)--- It is a black 91 with 95 A-mold 5 spoke wheels. If I don't go to the Costa Mesa one, I'll be at the Carlsbad meetup from 7-9 because it is only a few miles away. I will see if i can get somebody else to go up for next saturday. ---End Quote--- Hi Mike, I...

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1990 Bright Red/Red  35,000 mi - $24,500 (WV)
$24,500/Offer/Trade/? Only 1 hour South of Carlisle, 1 mile off I-81 Check it out during Corvettes @ Carlisle I’m the owner since 2008. When pu...

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1991 Black/Gray  44.500 mi - $23,500 (NJ)
I'm tired of saving miles for someone else! Black/Gray one-top 1991 ZR1;Tasteful Modifications; AFS 5 Spoke Rims; Cut Airbox; Port and Polished Plenu...

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