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  ZR-1 Common Misconceptions

Parts are unavailable!

While there are a few parts that are a little hard to find, this is really not surprising with a car this age. It's commonality with the base C4 helps and specialist LT5 parts are generally available in either new or reproduction stock. The Registry community can help you find the best sources for parts from among these dedicated suppliers.

Jerry's Gaskets

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ZR-1 Specialist

They're slow!

With performance numbers like:

0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds

180+ mph

The ZR-1 is far from being slow. In fact it's as close as you can probably get to a 'sleeper' 'vette. With modifications it can easily be taken to above 500 horsepower and similar levels of torque.

They're unreliable!

All LT5 engines were subject to a 'torture test' of 200 hours, varying from running at peak torque to peak horsepower. In the 1990 record breaking runs a stock ZR-1 ran 24 hours continuous at an average speed of over 174 m.p.h. The registry maintains a special 100,000 mile list of cars that have reached this milestone with no major maintenance work and several cars have gone as high as 200,000 miles!

No one knows how to work on them!

The majority of the ZR-1 is identical to the base model C4s. The unique quality  of the car lies in the LT5 engine. Many people successfully work on their own vehicles with the help and information provided by the Registry. In addition there are shops that specialize in the ZR-1, including:

KY-Jim VanDorn : Automasters of Bowling Green
TX-Corey Henderson: Henderson Performance Technology
IL-Marc Haibeck: ZR-1 Specialist
GA-Aaron Scott: South Georgia Corvette
IN-Graham Behan: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

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