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Ken Lingenfelter's 1993 Ruby ZR-1 w/Gen III LT5

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1992 Black/Gray  65,405 mi - Haibeck 403 -  $38,500 (TX)
Haibeck 403 cu. in. 600 HP engine upgrade Haibeck 410 rear end Wilwood disk brakes Long tube headers Ron Davis radiator Suspension upgrade Steering ge...

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The ZR-1 Net Registry is a non-profit club with approximately 550 members worldwide. The Registry is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to communicate through the Internet, annual meetings, gatherings and a quarterly newsletter to preserve the ZR-1 legend. The Registry also acts as a support mechanism to help ZR-1 owners should they encounter any problems with their ZR-1's or have any questions. More...

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