Production and Process Codes
Production And Process Codes
ACI ----Passenger's Seat Adjuster, 6-way Power
AC3----Driver's Seat Adjuster, 6-way Power
AJ3----Restraint System, Inflatable
AK5----Restraint System, frt seat, inflatable, driver
AQ9----Seat, Reclining
AR9----Seat, European Style Reclining
AU0---Remote entry optional second transmitter
BGR----Bowling Green Assembly Plant
CC2----Roof, Auxiliary
CC3----Roof, Removable Panel (Plastic)
CF7----Roof, Removable (Non-Transparent)
C2L----Roof Package, Consists of CC3 and CF7
C60----Air Conditioner, Manual Controls
C68----Air Conditioner, Automatic Electronic Controls
DC8---- Breakaway side mirrors Europe
DL5----Decal, roadside service information
DL8----Mirror, Heated Outside
D3X----Gear, Speedometer Driven (25513049)
D4D----Gear, Speedometer Driven (25513047)
D4L----Gear, Speedometer Driven (25513050)
D7B----Gear, Speedometer Driven (25513042)
D7C----Gear, Speedometer Driven (25513045)
D74----Mirror, Inside Visor Vanity, Illuminated
D8I----Sensor Vehicle speed
D9A----Sensor, Vehicle Speed (25007224)
D9B----Sensor, Vehicle Speed (25007308)
E5Z----Adaptor Speedo Delete
E9Z----Key Speedo Delete
FE1----Suspension, Soft Ride
FE7----Suspension, Heavy Duty
FX3----Ride and Handling, Electronic
FE9----Federal Emission Certification
GH0----Rear Axle, 3.54 Ratio
GM1----Rear Axle, 2.59 Ratio
GM3----Rear Axle, 3.45 Ratio
GT7----Rear Axle, 3.33 Ratio
GU2----Rear Axle, 2.73 Ratio
G44----Rear Axle, 3.07 Ratio
G87----Ring Gear, 8.5 Inch
G92----Rear Axle, Performance Ratio
IL3----IL3 Trim Interior Design Restricted to "less finish" parts only.
JL9----Brakes, Anti-Lock Front and Rear Disc
J55----Brakes, Heavy Duty
KC4----Cooler, Engine Oil
K05----Heater, Engine Block
K09----Generator, 120 Amp
KW2----Generator, 124 amp
K68----Generator, 105 Amp
LT5----Engine, Gas, 8 Cyl, 5.7L, MPFI, OHC
L98----Engine, Gas, 8 Cyl, 5.7L, MPFI
MAE ----Market area Europe
MN6 ----Merchandising option(MAN 6 SPD PROVISIONS)
MD8----Transmission, Automatic, 4-Speed, 4L60
ML9----Transmission, Manual, 6-speed, ZF
NA5----Emission System, Federal
NN5----Emission System, California
NK4----Steering Wheel, Sport Leather
QA1----Wheel, 17 x 9.5, Styled Aluminum
QA2----Wheel, 17 x 9.5 Front, 17 x 11 Rear, Styled Aluminum
R7A----Control sales item 26 special option processing
R7R----Control sales item 42
R8D----Control Sales Item 54, Processing Option (these type are for GM use only, not an item on the car.)
R8T----Control Sales Item #69 Processing Option
R9Z----Control Sales Item 100, Processing Option (these type are for GM use only, not an item on the car.)
RBT----Front Wheel 20X6.5X10, Hole Mount 8.75BC, FNCR3(FI-R27163)10 Hole wheel Stamped RBT
T61----Lighting, Daytime Running
T93----Lamp, Tail and Stop Special
UJ6----Indicator, Low Tire Pressure Warning
UL2----Radio European frequencies
UM6----Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek and Scan, Auto Rev. Cassette, Clock, ETR
UU8----Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette, Dolby, Clock, ETR
UX0----Speaker System, Delco/Bose, 6 Speaker
UIF----Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette With Compact Disc Player
U19----Cluster, Kilometers and Miles
U52----Cluster, Electronic
V56----Carrier, Luggage (Convertible)
V73----Vehicle Statement US/CANADA
U75----Power antenna
VM3----Information consumer label, bumper impact standards
V73----Vehicle statement US/Canada
XAU----Tire, Front, P275/40 ZR17
YAU----Tire, Rear, P275/40 ZR17
YBE----Tire Rear, P315/35 ZR17
ZR1----Special Performance Coupe Package
Z31----Advance price sheet
Z49----Mandatory Canadian Base Equip. Modification
Z51----Performance Package Handling
10T----Top Color, Arctic White
10U----Exterior Color, Arctic White
19C----Trim Combination, Black Cloth
19I----Interior Trim, Black
19T----Top Color, Black
193----Trim combination, Black Leather
199----Safety Belts, Black
1AY----Stock Orders Processing Option (which means a dealer order that was not already sold)
1AZ----Order Modification Orders Sold
1SA----Package Option 01
1SB----Merchandising option
1SC----Preferred group
1SF----Merchandising option Package 6 (these type are for GM use only, not an item on the car.)
20U----Exterior Color, Nassau Blue Metallic
22I----Interior Trim, Steel Blue
223----Trim combination, Steel Blue Leather
229----Safety Belts, Steel Blue
24S----Roof, Blue Removable Panel
25U----Exterior Color, Metallic
41U----Exterior Color, Black
42U----Exterior Color, Turquoise Metallic
53U----Exterior Color, Competition Yellow
60C----Trim combination, Cognac Cloth
60I----Interior Color, Cognac
603----Trim combination, Cognac Leather
609----Safety Belts, Cognac
64S----Roof, Bronze Removable Panel
67T----Top Color, Saddle Vinyl
68U----Exterior Color, Brilliant Red Metallic
73I----Interior Trim, Flame Red
733----Trim combination, Flame Red Leather
739----Safety Belts, Flame Red
80U----Exterior Color, Medium Quasar Blue Metallic
81U----Exterior Color, Bright Red
90I----Interior Trim, Smoke Gray
903----Trim combination, Smoke Gray Leather
909----Safety Belts, Smoke Gray
91U----Exterior Color, Polo Green
96U----Exterior Color, Dark Smoke Gray Metallic
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